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SQL Server是一個全面的數據平臺是安全,可靠,可擴展為您的關鍵任務運用,同時提供豐富的服務,為任何數據類型。SQL Server的簡化管理您的數據平臺,用創新的政策,基礎設施,同時減少開發的復雜性與數據抽象,和一體化。.NET框架和Visual Studio。SQL Server的使用戶能夠作出明智的決定,提供有關資料,向所有用戶通過Microsoft Office的。和當您下載180天的試用版軟件后,您便自動注冊,以獲得寶貴的資源,發表在戰略間隔在全部軟件的評估期。

微软今天宣布正式发布SQL Server 2008服务器软件,这将帮助微软与Oracle 11g,IBM DB2 9.5数据库产品对抗。此前这一产品已经过数次延期。

SQL Server 2008出现在微软数据平台愿景上是因为它使得公司可以运行他们关键任务的应用程序,同时降低了管理数据基础设施和发送观察和信息给所有用户的成本。

目前SQL Server 2008 Express 和 SQL Server Compact版本都已经开始免费下载。

Download SQL Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 and try out the latest features for 180 days! The SQL Server development team uses your feedback to help refine and enhance product features. Download the latest trial today and share your feedback.

Select one of the options listed below. The Release Candidate 0 software for IT Professionals and Developers is exactly the same, but the supporting experience has been tailored to offer greater relevance for each profession. View system requirements.

Note: Download size varies from 900 MB to 950 MB, and can take more than 30 minutes to download, depending on the bandwidth of your high-speed connection.

SQL Server 2008 Express

You can also try a Release Candidate 0 version of SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. This free, fully functional edition of SQL Server 2008 is ideal for learning and running desktop and small server database applications. SQL Server 2008 Express supports 1 CPU, 1 GB of RAM, and databases that are up to 4 GB in size.


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